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Math Resources

Thanks to Kathleen McClaskey from EdTech Associates for exposure to some awesome Web 2.0 Math Resources:

4mality - tutoring system for third through sixth grade studentsThatQuiz - free formative math assessmentsNational Library of Virtual Manipulatives from Utah StateThinking Blocks - help with word problemsMath Playground - math games and problemsA Maths Dictionary - a visual dictionary; help with math and literacyConceptua Math - help with fractionsBright Storm - Homework help in math, ELA, scienceMath Snacks - math practice Kathleen's Mass CUE Presentation - more resources here


This Ed. Leadership article, "Respect - Where do we start?" from the ASCD has inspired me to stop and take note about how we respect staff and students - every day.  This article led me to consider:

How does what we say and do - and not say and do - speak to our respect for educators and students?

Often when a teacher is starting to feel sick, they frequently will say to me, "I cannot take a day off, I need to be here for my students and to do X, Y and Z..." to which I respond, "You must take care of yourself if you want to take care of others!"  Before an educator can respect and take care of students, they must first take care of and respect themselves.  When staff members are overwhelmed and stressed out, students can perceive this - middle schoolers are smart cookies!

This article has encouraged me to stop and take inventory of how I support teachers to be their best.  What can I do better and/or more of to remind teachers of the positive impact they h…