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Personalized Learning - the new PD (Steve Guditus @sguditus)

After three years as a middle school assistant principal, I am heading to a new gig in three weeks - to become the principal of Manchester-Essex Regional Middle School.  I am super pumped, and as I start to make my transition, I am taking some time to reflect upon lessons learned about PD while I was an assistant principal.  After participating in a lively #satchat on June 8, 2013, I feel inspired to crystallize what effective PD 2.0 looks like.  I look forward to shaping opportunities for adults to learn effectively and with purpose - all in the name of student learning.

A few conclusions about PD effectiveness:
Time is key.  If we want enact change in schools and bring about movement, we mustn't just provide a quick overview.  Time in schools is the most valuable resource, and how we choose to divide it up matters.  If we want not just understanding, but implementation and effectiveness, protect time, focused on your topic: provide time for exploration, discussion, debate, ongoin…