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10 Ways to Develop #Grit and #Resiliency In Our Students (@sguditus Steve Guditus)

Angela Duckworth appears to have succeeded because she possesses the two characteristics she claims leads to success in the students she has studied: grit and self-control.  Her theory suggests an understanding that intelligence is not fixed, but malleable, and that what we do to support our children and expand their potential matters: parents, schools, teachers, mentors and communities.  @ruthetam, a freelance writer, interviewed Dr. Duckworth, a former consultant, 7th grade math teacher and neuroscientist, and recent MacArthur Genius Award recipient to get a better idea of what she will study now that she has won this $625,000 unrestricted grant.  

Dr. Duckworth's previous work has centered on importance of grit - the ability to sustain effort, focus and determination on long-term goals - and its impact on future success of students.  Dr. Duckworth's grit test, a simple 22 question test (for which you can signup - for free - by clicking here), has been shown to predict succes…

Getting Ed Eval Right (@sguditus Steve Guditus)

We are underway.  It's nearly October, we have hit the ground running, and as a community, we need to start thinking about educator/teacher/staff evaluation.  In Massachusetts, we have shifted from a model of "I'm on this year" to a model where every educator, myself included as an administrator, are in a constant state of reflection and growth.  The trick, as we enter year two of this model, is to focus on a state of reflection and growth - not a state of panic and confusion.

What I have found, in working with many staff members, in two different districts in the state, is that folks do a great job.  Educators want to do the right thing, be the best they can be, and ultimately, teach students.  After thinking back to last's year initial implementation of this model and entering into this year, as our entire staff is "on," and working in the evaluation system, a few key reflections cropped up.
Trust is key.  In order for this new model to work, all staf…

Being an authentic leader (@sguditus / Steve Guditus)

Today's #satchat on 9/7/13 inspired me to do some reflecting about how I want to start my career in my new school, the fabulous Manchester-Essex Regional Middle School in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA.  My PLN got me thinking about some things to remember as the school year kicks off:

Be truly present.  Put down the iPhone while having a conversation.  Make listening and asking questions a priority.Be visible.  Students and staff want to see you and want to see you engaged.  Be a lead learner, teacher and educator.  Move your desk into the hallway for a period, an hour or a day.Sometimes, it's ok to just listen.  Many of us administrators want to problem-solve and fix all the time - and we need to recognize that it's ok to just listen, sometimes!Be vulnerable.  Being authentic and admitting you don't know something is ok.  We want our staff and students to do so also, so be willing to show the strength to admit you made a mistake or don't know the answer.Model what you …