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Essential Skills for Entrepreneurs and Our Students Alike #edtech

LearnLaunch Accelerator announced their seventh Accelerator Class on April 27, 2017 at their headquarters on Summer Street in Boston. In an effort to stay connected with the world of entrepreneurship, creativity and the world of edtech, I attended as an educator, thinking I would learn about some #edtech tools to assist in my job as #edtech director (for three fabulous school districts on the north shore of Boston: Tri-Town School Union in Middleton, Topsfield and Boxford, MA). I did discover some great #edtech tools, but so much more resonated with me.

What I encountered was amazing. I did, in fact, learn about some pretty incredible #edtech tools:

Kaymbu ( ( ( Creatr. ( LiFT ( ( ( These tools were creative, engaging and exc…