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Basketball as Learning

Last night, our PTO hosted the second annual staff basketball game between the faculties of the two middle schools in our district: Stony Brook vs. Blanchard.  Being a runner and not an athlete with much coordination at all, basketball is definitely out of my comfort zone.  As soon as I stepped foot on the court, I realized I was in for a steep learning curve!  Being thrust into the role of a struggling learner (struggling to play basketball), I was humbly reminded of the challenges so many of our students face every single day to learn the skills and content the 21st century requires.  I found myself taking away a few important lessons about teaching and learning from basketball: Meet your students where they're at: When I couldn't make a throw from the 3-point line, Amanda suggested "Why don't you start a little closer, Steve?"Provide a model for students: Watching Katie and Justin make nearly every basket gave me a expert model for learning.Remind students of t…