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Homework Tips for Parents/Guardians (@sguditus Steve Guditus)

What can you do to help your child succeed with homework assignments?  Short of advocating for limiting homework assignments outside of school (and referencing relevant recent research on the topic), read on for several tips to help facilitate the homework-completion process at home with your middle school child.

Prioritize homework assignments.Based on difficulty levels and due dates, create a numbered to-do list each afternoon/evening to help your child efficiently complete their homework.Encouraging students to start with the most challenging assignment when he/she is fresh may work best for him/her.Encourage your child to advocate for him/herself.  If an assignment is confusing to your child, he/she needs clarification, or additional support from his/her teacher, create a game plan with your child.Brainstorm with them to whom he/she should speak and about what, including specific questions to get the help they need.These are life skills!Utilize a calendar or a student agenda.Especi…

Teaching Learning in the 21st Century (@sguditus Steve Guditus)

In his article “The Shift from Teaching Content to TeachingLearning,” Dr. Grant Wiggins suggests that education must focus on students becoming metacognitive about their learning, and educators must ensure that we are explicitly modeling the skills that we want to see our students produce – not just assume they can do it.
In a world of shifting priorities in education, and where standardized test scores scare educators into teaching to the test, we must remember that one of the most valuable things we can do in education – be it as teacher or student – is to stop; think; and reflect.Reflection is simple, but it can be momentous and it can be powerful.When students and educators stop to think about the process of education – and how it relates to their own learning – students take ownership for their learning, better understand their learning styles, and begin to advocate more for themselves.
A little bit of pressure isn’t a bad thing.We live in a world of priorities and deadlines, and t…