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Rejuvenating Reading

While I was on the Cross Sound Ferry going to New York and back to New England, I had lots of time to read my book. It is called The Tipping Point, written by Malcolm Gladwell. It is simply an excellent book. It talks all about how certain things in society can become really popular (like an "epidemic"). For example, the TV show Sesame Street was not always popular. The author discusses the different factors that lead to an event, person, or fad becoming really popular...think about today's society. Ipods were not always so popular. It took certain factors for these products to become popular: cool people using them, lots of people using them, usefulness, convenience, etc. Once these factors occurred, Ipods became a "fad," where today so many people use them.

In this book, I have learned that so many things around us in daily life - everything from DVD players to Ipods to Crocs (plastic shoes...maybe I will make them popular?) may or may not become very popular,…

Driving on Water

Welcome to installment number one to my summer blog. This summer will be great! - and filled with many adventures and learning.

My first piece of learning was this past weekend. I needed to travel to Long Island to go to several cousins' high school graduations. Instead of traveling through New York City, I decided to take the Cross Sound Ferry. I called and made reservations on the ferry, and drove to New London, Connecticut, on the Thames River. The ferry was absolutely gigantic. In the picture to the left, you can see how huge it is. Believe it or not, I literally drove my car right onto the boat. I learned several things at this point...that ferries can carry a lot of weight (imagine 2 tons per car times a hundred cars, plus people) and that traveling by boat is much more relaxing than fighting traffic in New York City! The picture to the right is the car in front of me getting on the ferry. Notice how the back just opens up and in the car drives.

Once I was on the ferry, thing…