EduBloggerCon (R)Eflections

I made my way down to the Boston Park Plaza yesterday for my first EduBloggerCon-East (#ebce09 is the free, one-day precursor to #BLC09). I found some amazing resources, met some great new colleagues, and thought it useful to draw some conclusions to synthesize, find patterns, and make my own meaning. I created a mind map using Mind42.

Best Practices in Textured Literacy - Tom Daccord

  • Essentially, Tom suggests that we can no longer focus on traditional student literacy, but we must also consider multi-modal literacy and texts (pictures and text)
  • Use backchannel Today's Meet to assess previous student knowledge
  • Avoiding multi-modal texts in our schools will leave our students marginalized
  • We must add value to traditional and multi-modal writing by making it:
    • meaningful
    • authentic
    • social
  • Consider the Student News Action Network
  • Tom created the The Great Debate of 2008 ning with his own students

New Media Reaching All Learners - Karen Janowski

Scratch from MIT - Liz Davis

  • Scratch from MIT (free download)
  • ScratchEd Educator Forum
  • Scratch Tutorials
  • Potential Purposes:
    • Making meaning
    • Kids need linear thinking
    • Following directions
    • Learning from mistakes
    • Problem-solving
    • Teacher-made game that kids use and practice
    • Alternative for presentation or as assessment
    • Animation

Backchannels - Lisa Thumann

  • Think about purpose for teaching, learning and instruction
  • Potential uses:
    • Record of discussion for current events, news, politics, speeches
    • Moderator status as privilege for 2-3 students
    • Extra help review sessions (after school, evening, weekends, etc.)
    • Weekend institutes for parent instruction (math, etc.)
  • More student engagement, especially with hesitant learners or to increase inclusion in classroom
  • Edmodo
  • Tiny Chat
  • Google Talk
  • Elluminate for Educators
  • Ed Tech Talk
  • Backchanneling should be:1.
  1. able to be moderated
  2. editable
  3. clickable
  4. embeddable
  5. archivable

Web 2.0 Smackdown

  • @TeachAKidd
    • video comment
    • video camera needed
    • type in url
    • useful for class website
    • give "new" url to viewers
  • "Show Options" in Google @joycevalenza
    • Search in
    • Click "Show Options"
      • Last 24 hours
      • contextual information filled in
      • Wonder Wheel - mind map
    • Timeline
      • Events by decade
    • More text
    • Images from the page
      • Google Squared
      • Side-by-side comparison search by metatag
    • one page of a website
      • text
      • video
      • music
      • animation
      • graphics
      • no code necessary
    • "graphical" glog
    • register up to 200 students with no contact information
    • - very wide open; social network
    • - private, secure, your students are in one isolated box
  • Fireshot (Firefox add-on) @TeacherJim
    • Like the old "Print Screen" on PCs
    • Useful for teaching how-to for applications
    • Free and pay version available
    • Annotatable with arrows, lines, numbers
    • Always in your toolbar
    • No audio
  • Socrato! @socrato
    • Assemble worksheets
    • Print online or download
    • Free to use
    • Tag clouds
    • Search pre-made lessons by standard, subject or grade
    • Editable for our own use
    • Students may log-in
      • Assessment
      • Assignment
  • Aardvark @alightlearning
    • Import twitter, facebook, gchat friends
    • Pose question:
      • Question is sent to those that have tagged themselves as knowledgeable
      • Others respond with answers
      • Expand your network/PLN
  • The Live Pen by Livescribe @KarenJan
    • Write one key word
    • Pen will record what is spoken
    • Touch pen to word to hear words associated
    • Notes can be uploaded, along with associated recording
    • Available on eBay, Target, Amazon
  • Instructables @EmilyValenza
    • Upload explanations
    • Pick an experiment and try yourself!
    • Or, assess and improve
  • ImageChef @LParisi
    • Create your own image using words
    • Grab image
    • Send to social networks
    • Get an imbed code
    • Searchable gallery
    • Free!
  • Xtranormal @ lloydcrew
    • Text-to-moviemaker
    • Create a video
    • Enter text
    • Enter characters
    • Customize
    • Add movement, animations, camera angles
    • Use for assessment
  • Stixy @ kelleyc3
    • Virtual post-it note website
    • Summer Reading Books
  • Fair Use Guidelines
    • Repurposing
  • YoLink
    • Download
    • Tell YoLink to search links
    • Results will open new toolbar on right with paragraph synopsis
    • Key terms highlighted
    • Clicking on paragraph will open that webpage
    • Social Bookmarking function
  • WolframAlpha @ dkuropatwa
    • Computational Knowledge Engine
      • Power of mathematica in a search engine
      • Taking input - reformat equation
        • Roots
        • Alternate Form
        • Roots
        • Polynomial discriminant
        • Steps to solve equation
    • Changes homework
      • Punch this equation into WolframAlpha
      • Explain why
    • Get charts, languages, statistics
  • Social Technology and Education Conference @lizbdavis
    • August 14th @ Harvard University


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