School Opening Kickoff Videos: August Inspiration

After spending time scouring the web, I've zeroed in on the following videos clips as the ones I believe to possess the most potential to use with staff to kick off the school year in August.  Please feel free to comment, add to the list, share, RT, or let me know what you think!

If you have a video that's worthwhile to share you think is missing from this list, please, by all means leave a comment below or tweet me with the URL.

A Vision of K12 Students Today A Vision of All Kinds of Students
Shift Happens (2010) Did You Know (4.0)?
The Essay Education Today and Tomorrow
A Brave New World-Wide-Web I teach, therefore you learn...or do you?
Mr. Winkle Wakes Pay Attention
No Future Left Behind Baby Squirrel Learns
Do You Teach or Educate? 100 Ways to Show Children You Care
Starkville MS: Believe We Think
Dalton Sherman: Do You Believe in Me? Adora Svitak: What Adults Can Learn From Kids


Anonymous said…
Great collection of videos. I've seen the 'Pay Attention' one--amazing. The rest are new. Thanks for bringing them out.

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