#EdCampBoston is today!  Unbelievable discussions going on...

Some questions that have been raised from our #EdCampBOS sessions today:
  • How can schools blur the home/school line?
  • How can schools better be places of collaboration for students?
  • How can schools address "fear factor"hurdles to successfully incorporate technology?
  • What technological models are appropriate for teachers to make with students?
  • How can we encourage intellectual risk-taking using technology?
  • How do we teach students responsible technology use?
  • Can technology encourage appropriate, differentiated professional development from the ground up?
  • How can space be used to facilitate learning and conversation in schools?
  • How can PD be differentiated for teachers?
  • How can schools rely on in-house, peer-to-peer PD models?
  • What if grades reflected conceptual mastery?
  • How do we encourage and ensure followup of new information learned?
  • How do we get to yes?


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