Awesome Things This Week (Steve Guditus)

As a school administrator, it is easy to be bogged down in minutia, details and forget the big picture!  In order to stay positive and remember all the great things occurring in our school each week, I am publicly making a commitment to reflecting upon my week in middle school, and to weekly, share the Top 5 Awesome Things that happened in school this week!  (The challenge now, is to sustain this.)  Though a simple and quick reflection, looking back through my calendar and reviewing events allows me to stop, pause and remember all the awesome learning and teaching going on!  Focusing on these events will allow me stay positive and recognize staff and students alike for their awesomeness!

Top 5 Awesome Things At Stony Brook This Week: January 28, 2012

1.     Our Geography Bee School Finalist took the state-qualifier test.
2.     Math teachers challenging accelerated math students by trying something new and differentiating instruction.
3.     Teachers collaborating to create authentic, appropriate reflections for upcoming progress reports.
4.     Teachers building their positive recognition of students by thoughtfully selecting students of the month for January.
5.     Spanish students creating Animoto projects – and staff members taking risks to try something new!


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