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One of the PLNs of which I am a part, BFC530, has been exploring the ins and outs of blogging in the education world. Although I've been blogging for a while now (about six years or so), The BFC530 morning Twitter chat and voxer group has really been pushing my thinking and inspired me to start blogging more regularly.  Thanks to some PLN members' ideas, I've started using technology to be able to fit it into my day.

I have found that my morning and evening commute has been transformed from NPR and rocking out to some music to listening to colleagues from around the world discuss professional education topics and push my thinking, making me a better educator.  I have replaced the radio with educators' thoughts, ideas, questions, and blogs that are being read to me over my car speakers (that last part is for you, Massachusetts State Police - don't worry, I'm not texting and driving or reading and driving).

So why do I blog? Someone in the PLN suggested that one blogs for oneself and shares for others. I really like this idea – I am blogging right now to reflect upon my own practice, others' great ideas and thoughts, pushing me to continue being reflective. I hope modeling this process will encourage my fellow educators to do the same.

One question that has come up around blogging is about confidentiality, and some members of the PLN gave some great insight and suggestions: focus on the positive. Build on the good that's already happening in your school, reflect upon it, and shoot for the stars. As educators were always trying to improve our practice, our collaboration, and our teamwork – all in the name of student learning. I love this piece of insight from the PLN. It's so easy to be stuck with what's not going right, so instead, take the time to consider: What are we doing well? What am I doing well? And, where do I want to go?

I thank my virtual colleagues around the world, especially the BFC group for encouraging me to get blogging! Just a few minutes, and I already feel refreshed, rejuvenated and focused on doing what's best for students in my school - and I hope others are as well by reading my thoughts.

Now let's go have a positive impact on our students lives! Have a great day. 

Steve Guditus


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