One word for 2015: TRUST #oneword365

Instead of a giant list entitled, "All The Things That Steve Should Do To Improve in 2015," I followed the lead of my wonderful PLN, and chose one word on which to focus:


My 2015 is going to be the year of trust:

  • I will trust myself.
  • I will trust my instinct. (And back it up with facts.)
  • I will trust colleagues to do what's best for our students.
  • I will trust that others have the best of intentions.
  • I will trust that doing what's right for students may not always be easy.
Clyde Beatty taming a lion with four legs.
To kick it off, I have decided that I will trust that our new core values have importance in our school, that modeling reflective behavior is important, and that it is important as a community (one of our core values) to take the time to reflect on 2014, look ahead to 2015, and select one word to direct our attention for 2015.

The lesson that I created for our students is entitled "The Lion Tamer and One Word."  Clyde Beatty, the lion tamer who figured out that a four-legged stool would paralyze a lion due to indecision, is the main figure in illustrating that having too many foci will lead to indecision and as a result, inaction.  I'm going to trust that this is a meaningful exercise for students: recalling 2014, and looking forward to find their one word that will help them be their best in 2015.  

What will your one word be, that will help you be your best?

If you need some help getting started, consider these questions:

  • How was 2014?
  • What do I want to do this year?  
  • What do I want to be better at?
  • What do I need to continue to grow and improve as a student/educator or person?
  • What do I want to accomplish as a student/educator or person?
  • What word do I need to help me be my best?  
  • Is there another word not listed that will help me be my best for 2015?  
  • To what word can I commit for 2015?
  • How will this word help me focus and be my best in 2015?

If you would like to use the lesson I created for students to use, please go to: The Lion Tamer and One Word.

For some inspiration, you may want to consider some words from this wordle.
For more community support, you can "find your tribe" and post your one word at  Check it out.  Also, why don't you select your one word with your family, colleagues, students and kids?  

What will your one word be?  And how will it help you be your best in 2015?


Steve, I love your post and how you've applied your word so thoroughly to your work as leader. Sharing this opportunity with students to focus with this great lesson is one that I will share.
Vito Umbro said…
Hi Steve. Great post. Love the idea. I need to begin reflecting on my 2014 year and think of a word. I am going to make note of your post, this would be a great year starting event for student and staff. I could see the entire school staff reflecting on the year and coming up with a word to focus on throughout the school year, collaboration, trust, understanding, patience, rigor, there are so many. Thanks.
Mar Limberg said…
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