Take A Risk: Being Connected #ce15

Today was a great day at work. I had the opportunity to work with a fellow educator, one of the most intelligent and thoughtful educators with whom I have ever worked. Through some supportive pressure and encouragement, he finally agreed to let me introduce Twitter as an educational tool. It was a risk to do so, and he trusted me enough to take a leap.

Before my wonderful colleague @DelEdTech and I jumped in to the nuts and bolts of Twitter, we paused – and talked about the why. Why bother to connect? Why bother to share our edu-thoughts through social media? We found ourselves getting increasingly excited with our colleague, discussing the why behind being a connected educator. As educators, we are so excited to continue learning, share our learning, reflect on our learning and discover new resources, it is important to stop to pause and think about the WHY behind being a connected educator.

What made today such a wonderful day at work is that I was reminded that we are all lifelong learners. Regardless of our experience level, our job title or our age, a willingness to be a lifelong learner defines a good educator.

I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to teach, to reflect, and be amongst others who are willing to grow. We are all better educators for being able to surround ourselves with those who continue have a desire to grow. In light of it being Connected Educator Month #ce15, I am reminded how meaningful it is to not only be connected, but also to have a willingness to be connected – and what it says about our growth mindset.


Great post, Steve, and so exciting to hear another educator is getting connected! I love that you started with the why. Have a great week! I'm happy to be connected to you via Voxer and #principalsinaction!

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