"Hi, Mr. G!"

In my new role as Director of Educational Technology, I now work in Central Office. To borrow a line from the wonderful Dr. Tony Sinanis, I am working to #redefinetherole! My position is newly created, and so I have the opportunity to be present in classrooms and schools, and truly be part of the fabric of learning and teaching that makes our schools come alive.

Luckily for me, my office is in a school, and so as I have meetings, I can hear the laughter of seven year olds in the hallway - and those voices remind me that our mission is, truly, about supporting the learning and teaching of our students and staff. As a central office administrator, I have felt removed from school and from students, and so I have made a concerted effort to be present in schools, even if it is being in the school library doing administrative tasks. I strive to be part of the fabric of our six schools, and slowly but surely, I am getting "hellos" as staff members recognize me.

As I work to #redefinetherole, one of the greatest professional moments of my fall occurred. I was running between my office and a leadership meeting for a forgotten Chromebook, and a line of first graders were walking to Art class. As I hurriedly powerwalked (so as to not model bad behavior of running in the hallway!), one boy yelled out, "Hi, Mr. G.!" I stopped in my tracks. Whatever it was that I needed to get was forgotten. I replied, "Hi, buddy!" and thought of the importance of connecting with students, with staff and that regardless of our position in a school district, it's all about the kids. That first grade student will never know the impact he had on me, but it has stuck with me as I traverse new challenges of a new position in a new district: it's all about the kids. Don't forget the importance of that hello you give to others - it can change everything for someone!


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