Using Google to Search for Content by Reading Level (Steve Guditus)

This quick and easy Google search function will allow you to search for content by reading level.  What incredible potential to easily provide differentiated reading levels for students.  Go ahead, try it now and provide content to students based on their reading level!  Here's how:

Step 1: Go to, enter your topic and hit the search button.
Step 2: Just below the search field, click on "Search tools."

Step 3: After clicking "Search tools" in Step 2, a new toolbar will show up.  Click on "All Results," which will open a drop-down menu.
Step 4: Click on "Reading level."

 Step 5: After clicking on "Reading level" in Step 4, a new field will show up with three hyperlinks.  Click on "Basic," "Intermediate" or "Advanced" to sort results by reading level.

Below, you can see the difference in the first three results, organized by reading level:

Basic Reading Level
Intermediate Reading Level
Advanced Reading Level


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